Simple Steps are Key

Hey Everyone!

Hope you’re all doing well!

I wanted to write this post as a reminder to myself and hopefully as a reminder to you my dear readers as well that success, well-being, and any other goal that we may have can be achieved by taking small (and consistent) steps towards the goal.

I know many people, including myself, who feel that in order to reach a goal they need to go all in and put an incredible amount of energy into reaching their goal. For some people, it is all or nothing. In some cases this type of mindset is definitely necessary.

However, most of us humans have multi-faceted lives. Each of us has several different roles and responsibilities that we have to care for and handle. Often times, we simply cannot afford (in terms of time) to put all of our energy towards achieving our goal.

I personally think that instead of trying to find a balance most of us just give up or postpone reaching our goals. This is why I believe that rather than pushing ourselves too much and then giving up it might be better to take small and consistent steps towards reaching our goals.

Here is a very basic personal example:

As some of you may know from a previous post, I always try to go out every day for a half hour walk outside in order to move and hopefully stay healthy. However, for the past few days, due to unforeseen circumstances I have been stuck inside (I have been helping to care for an ill family member. I will hopefully address this in a future post) and I haven’t been able to go outside for my daily walks.

Recently, I was feeling very out of shape and I started feeling sorry for myself. The next day, I decided to put on the radio and power walk at home for about ten minutes. Afterwards, I felt so much better and I truly felt that I had reaped most of the benefits of my daily outdoor walks. It was then that I decided to repeat this three times a day (10 minutes each). I even added going up and down a flight of stairs to include some cardio as well.

I definitely know that this was a very simple and “no-brainer” example but sometimes we are just so stuck on doing things one way that we fail to see other similar and simple ways towards reaching a goal.

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15 thoughts on “Simple Steps are Key

  1. I inadvertently found out about minimalism through videos on my You Tube. I found it really spoke to me. I had been clearing out the house and realising how stuff which was once a” must-have” now actually repulsed me. I found a lovely lady on You Tube, (her channel is mainly about narcissistic abuse) who mentioned that she had rated all her stuff out of ten and unless stuff was at least an eight, she had got rid of it. I believe sometimes stuff can contribute to keeping us stuck in challenging situations and as we get rid of the stuff we can become increasingly free. Personally I have found if we are struggling to break free from certain people or situations, it pays to look at the items we are holdinng on to.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing such great a tip and such great insight. I definitely agree that keeping certain things can prevent us from moving out of difficult situations and everytime we see certain objects we may dwell on negative thoughts but of course the opposite is also true so I love the eight out of ten rule that you shared!

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    1. I totally agree I have felt much less burdened as I have gotten rid of the things I no longer needed and it’s a lot easier to clean the house now! And don’t worry I make typos all the time😂


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