The Link Between Alcohol and Breast Cancer

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I personally never drink any type of alcoholic beverage however, I know many people who swear of the benefits of drinking a glass of wine a day. Without a doubt, wine and especially red wine, does have a number of health benefits .

However, fairly recent research by the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) and by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has found that drinking a glass of wine or beer a day (which is about 10 grams of alcohol) increases women’s risk for breast cancer. 

The report stated that drinking a glass of wine or beer a day increased the risk of breast cancer by five percent for premenopausal women and increased the risk by nine percent for postmenopausal women. It’s also important to mention that this report is referring to a small glass of wine or beer with about 10 grams of alcohol, however, most standard glasses are larger and have around 14 grams of alcohol. 

This report analyzed 119 studies on this topic that included data on 12 million women and 260,000 cases of breast cancer. 

On a more positive note, this report also found that leading an active lifestyle, by exercising and maintaining a healthy weight, can reduce the risk of breast cancer in both pre and post menopausal women. Excercise reduced the risk of breast cancer by 17 percent in premenopausal women and reduced the risk by 10 percent in post menopausal women. 

Here in the United States breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women with over 252,000 cases diagnosed this year alone. The AICR estimates that one third of all breast cancer cases in the U.S. could be prevented if women did not drink alcohol, were physically active, and maintained a healthy weight. 

As I was writing this post I received a news notification in my phone that Julia Louis Dreyfus has been diagnosed with beast cancer and she had the following to say: 

And I couldn’t agree more! 

Unfortunately, there are no fool proof ways to prevent breast cancer but it is definitely nice to learn that there are steps that we can take to reduce our chances.
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8 thoughts on “The Link Between Alcohol and Breast Cancer

  1. Worthy information. But let me say that I do not think the increase in breast cancer in the US and around the industrialized world is due to alcohol. I do not even think that drinking moderately is bad in any way for men or for women. Eating what we eat (in America and a large part of Europe), breathing what we breath and massively taking many meds we regularly take are much more evident causes in my non-professional opinion. People have been drinking wine and beer and also other stronger spirits -often immoderately :)- from prehistoric times…

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    1. That’s definitely true!!! I agree that the diet and lifestyle choices that we make here in the U.S. definitely have a lot to do with the rise in the rate of many of the diseases including breast cancer.

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  2. I believe the antioxidants in wine can be found in other fresh fruits and vegetables this myth really leads people to drink to sleep and in the disguise of health, which really bothers me that doctors and other medical professionals still suggest this is a sustainable practice. Thanks for shedding light on this issue!

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting and yes I agree that wine is unnecessarily being promoted as being healthy whereas you mention there are so many healthier snd less risky alternatives out there!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! No I actually haven’t heard about that book but it sounds really interesting and informative thank you so much for suggesting it to me!

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