Reflections on a Tragedy

Hey Everyone!!! Hope you’re all doing well!

Initially I intended for this blog to be only a place of positivity however, life isn’t always happy and perfect and tragic things do occur all over the world and I think that as good humans its our responsibility to  feel sorrow when we learn about tragic events.

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Yesterday, a group of barbaric terrorists created chaos in my parents hometown, Kabul, Afghanistan, by detonating a car filled with explosives. Although they were targeting supporters of the government the majority of the victims were civilians including women and children.

Honestly, some of the images that I saw were just so tragic they included injured children and even a tiny toddler covered in blood. Other images showed a river of blood.Thus far, 64 people have died and more than 300 have been injured.

One of the things that gives me pain is that this tragedy did not receive nearly as much media attention that the recent attacks in Belgium received. Please don’t misunderstand me I was in deep pain after the attacks first in Paris and then in Belgium.

However, I truly believe that all loss of innocent lives is a tragedy whether that be in San Bernardino, Paris, Istanbul, Belgium, Kabul or anywhere else in the world.

I  understand the point that these sorts of attacks are more common in Kabul and in other Middle Eastern or Muslim countries that’s why its not as shocking as the recent tragic events that occurred in San Bernardino, Paris, and Belgium however, aren’t they all equally tragic when innocent lives are lost?

I am hoping to see a day when the media treats all lives equally.

Anyways, thank you for bearing with me through this sad post I promise you that the majority of my blog posts will be more positive 🙂

With Love,



17 thoughts on “Reflections on a Tragedy

  1. I wish the media would follow the tragedies in the Middle East and North Africa, indeed everywhere, more consistently. Maybe it would help us all to understand the suffering Muslims are enduring at the hands of terrorists, rather than feeling like Muslims in general are the perpetrators. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure it hits close to home for you since your parents home town is Kabul. Don’t apologize for posting something heartfelt that may not fit the “positive blog post” category. Blogs are real life. So is tragedy and joy and laughter and tears. You’re among friends and we’re all adults here!

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    1. Thank you so much for your support and the very kind comment! I love that you mentioned that if the media was more consistent in its coverage of such tragedies then perhaps more people would understand that Muslims are suffering just as much as others at the hands of terrorists. I really believe that this is true and as a proud citizen of the United States I know that the majority of the American people truly do have hearts of gold and they do care about everyone it’s just that certain things are not being presented to them in a accurate and consistent manner. But I’m definitely hopeful for a brighter future!

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  2. Thanks for your support on my first post! I just finished editing and customizing my theme. Would appreciate your continued support and would love to stay in touch. Great blog!

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    1. Thank you for the comment!!! Yes, I really enjoyed reading your first post and I’m looking forward to reading your future posts as well!! I think that its really cool that you’re going to have an interview with Miss New Jersey!!!Your theme looks really beautiful !!!💕

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  3. I’m sorry for not having read this post of yours before 😦 I would surely share your pain if I could, but I cannot even figure how deep it is or it might be. Your country has been systematically devastated for decades now… and we are worrying mainly about a stabbing in Finland, and crying all day and posting memes for weeks about an attack in Barcelona… I feel ashamed when I try to imagine what you and your family have had to walk trough, and still endure day after day.
    A big hug and many kisses !!


  4. Aww you’re so sweet! thank you so much for your kind words and empathy! it’s so heart warming to see that there are amazing people like you out there that do care and share in the sorrow of the people of Afghanistan! Thank you for always taking the time to read and interact with my humble blog!!! Sending you lots of love!❤️

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    1. You are dearly welcome, Yasmin.
      I’m very glad to have come back to read again this post, because I did not receive a notification of this last response from you. It has been a surprise -and also a revelation of what is happening to me from long ago: messages and comments -mine or others’- that get strayed for lack of notifications-.
      As for your homeland (or your elders homeland), I have a special fondness towards it thanks to my sister. She wanted to travel there, and to other countries and regions more or less near yours (Pakistan, Punjab, Northern India, Nepal…), but she had no time.
      Anyway, I keep a very nice photograph she had on her PC (and also printed, to have it in her room, framed!) of a charming old man from Afghanistan. It touches some deep fibre inside me (I don’t know clearly why; maybe because of his beauty and stern serenity and apparent wisdom), so,I will send it to you here in asap, because I think you will like it.
      Finally, let me say that your blog is not humble. Or perhaps it is, but only in the highest sense… There is kindness and sweetness in it; a beautiful work 🙂 I will come here every time you publish a new post.
      Now I will upload this picture to Google Photos and send you a link to it.
      A big hug and a kiss, sis! Sincere love right back to you ❤ ✨

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      1. Aww you’re so sweet!!! Thank you so much for your kind words and for your constant support of my blog!!! You’re kind words truly made my day!!! Sending you lots of love❤️

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    1. Aww thank you so much for sharing this beautiful photo!!! I love how you’re able to see deep within the photo and not just at the surface level!!! Most people would just see him as a grumpy old man but you see so much deeper and that definitely hints at your own wisdom❤️

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      1. :)) You’re most welcome, Yasmin. But you flatter me in excess: you make me blush! Ha ha ha! The truth is that the one-eyed glance of this man is awesome; it fascinated my sis and it fascinates me. I’m happy you like it too. Many kisses ❤ ✨

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